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More Links Will Be Added As We Build Site --- An online antique store directory --- Bolt's Antique Tool Museum ---  Collectors of Rare And Familiar Tools Society --- Directory of American Tool & Machinery Patents --- Davis Town Museum --- Early American Industries Association Inc.

Fisher Norris Factory Museum :

Great Collector Magazine:

Dedictaed to the Preservation of vintage farm equipment

LeToolman's Antique, Vintage & Newer  ---Tools --- Living History Event, Hillsborough, NH --- Missouri Wrench Club

Mid-West Tool Collectors Association :   

The Mid-West Tool Collectors Association is a non-profit international organization whose purpose is the study, preservation and understanding of the early tools, implements and devices used by our ancestors in their homes, shops, on the farms and on the seas. Ohio Tool Collectors Association --- Preserving Arts and Skills of the Trades --- Potomac Antique Tools and Industries Association --- Raptis Rare Books - First Edition Identification --- Society of American Period Furniture Makers --- Toolemera Press

Museum and preserver of history in catalogs

Internet Antique Dealers & Brokers