1890 Hirth & Krause Shoe Store Supplies, Etc. Catalog

1890 Hirth & Krause Shoe Store Supplies, Etc. Catalog

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1890 Hirth & Krause Shoe Store Supplies, Etc. Catalog

Grand Rapids, MI, reprint

Reprint by Mid-West Tool Collectors Association 1980

68 pages plus 8 pages of Ads

Fantastic reference which for leather workers and collectors

Background on Hirth & Krause

Company Overview: Hirth & Krause was a supplier of shoe store essentials during the late 19th century. Companies like Hirth & Krause played a crucial role in supporting the booming shoe industry by supplying the necessary materials, tools, and equipment.

Location: Based in a major commercial hub, they served a wide market, providing essential goods to shoe retailers and cobblers who relied on them for their daily operations.

Contents of the Catalog

The 1890 catalog from Hirth & Krause would likely have included a comprehensive range of products, including:

Shoemaking Tools: Various tools essential for shoemaking and repair, such as hammers, lasts, awls, and sewing needles.

Materials: Leather, rubber, and other materials used in the construction and repair of shoes.

Accessories and Hardware: Eyelets, buckles, buttons, laces, and other hardware necessary for finishing shoes.

Store Fixtures: Displays, shelving units, and other fixtures designed to help shoe stores organize and present their merchandise effectively.

Polishes and Care Products: Shoe polish, brushes, and other products designed to help customers maintain their shoes.

Advertising and Promotional Items: Signage, posters, and other promotional materials to help shoe stores attract customers.


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